Saturday, May 23, 2009

SO much is happening all at once...

So I have alot of things going on in my life and im finding it hard to keep control...

Here is the list of things going on.

1. I have my two weeks. I feel like I still have so much to plan. I still have to order flowers, pay everything off...etc etc. I cant believe how fast it is coming and I am totally not prepared.

2. I found out I get to start school this summer. Which I am really excited about. But the bad news is that I am starting alot sooner than I was expecting. I was thinking I was starting at the end of july, but dont worry...I start june 16th. Yep like the day I get home from my honeymoon. Who knows when I am going to get my house all put together and "homey" feeling.

3. Now that I am starting school I have to start looking into loans. I am meeting with the manager of the school Tuesday, which is in like three days. By then I am supposed to have almost all of my loan stuff in place. Quess who hasn't even started....ME! So I have that to worry about too.

4. I have to finish getting my duplex all ready to move into. Which means finishing painting, getting the carpets cleaned, getting and putting up new blinds...then finding out where all his parents furniture is going to go. Remember that this all has to be done before the wedding because I am starting school right after.

5. I am still working two jobs, so in the craziness of planning a wedding, school, and getting a home ready, I also have to worry about working my shifts.

So think if how i feel. I am loosing my brain. And the sad thing is, is I know how mean I have been lately and I know that I have been really mean to my honey lately. So I am really excited to have all this behind us so we can just love eachother.

SO there is my crazy life....Remember that I only have two weeks to get all of this done.

Oh and by the way, we still dont have a honeymoon planned....HAHHAHAHAHAHAH


  1. that is way too much craziness for one person haha good luck with everything!

  2. If you'd like some help...I'm here! I'm going to call you today.

    Blinds-- when we moved into our first house I bought some really cute, yet cheap curtains because we were renting and I couldn't afford blinds. For the new house, I found a husband and wife ( I think he's the principal at Snow Canyon ) but they do blinds ... you've seen the ones at my house, yes? Any who... they were half the price as everywhere else. For my whole house, custom sizes it was only $700. If you'd like I can give you their info.

    Honestly Sadie love, you're doing great. The homey feeling will come with time, and its so fun, just enjoy it.