Thursday, July 9, 2009


So i know I got a blog and used the crap out of it for a couple of days...then i got married. Ever since then it has gone completely down hill. I have so much to tell everyone about too. So much has happened since our wedding and I really have to start blogging more. I finally have pictures from the wedding...I will post them really soon. They are amazing and Errin Andrus did them. She is seriously an incredible photographer. if any of you need pictures taken CALL HER, she is totally worth it. But anyways I will get pictures and stories of our crazy life up soon....


Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Babies

These are the new little additions to our family. I just love them so much.
So when they were born we painted on their little feet to be able to tell them apart. As they have gotten older it has been fun to watch their personalities grow.
Baby Pink: The first born male. He is the strongest of the bunch. Very brave but loves his mommy. His eyes are already opening
Baby Orange: The second born male. He was really noisy like his daddy when he was first born, but he has gotten a little more quite. This little guy just likes to eat...ALOT. He always sleeps on his back and loves to be pet and held.
Baby Yellow: The last born female. This little girl is super mellow and very much a momma's girl . Though she is super sweet, she is very adventurous...she loves to leave her mommys side for awhile to venture the box. Then she gets scared.
I am already getting so attached to these little babies and its going to be so hard to give them away

The Temple

May 30th 2009

Today I went through the St.George Temple for the first time. It was truly an amazing experience. I have been working on going through for almost six months now and it feels so good to finally have gone through. You prepare for so long and imagine what its going to be like....and it is so much better than you would ever imagine. I will never forget the feelings I had as I went through this morning. I will get to go through again in exactly 7 days for my sealing. I am so excited

Saturday, May 23, 2009

SO much is happening all at once...

So I have alot of things going on in my life and im finding it hard to keep control...

Here is the list of things going on.

1. I have my two weeks. I feel like I still have so much to plan. I still have to order flowers, pay everything off...etc etc. I cant believe how fast it is coming and I am totally not prepared.

2. I found out I get to start school this summer. Which I am really excited about. But the bad news is that I am starting alot sooner than I was expecting. I was thinking I was starting at the end of july, but dont worry...I start june 16th. Yep like the day I get home from my honeymoon. Who knows when I am going to get my house all put together and "homey" feeling.

3. Now that I am starting school I have to start looking into loans. I am meeting with the manager of the school Tuesday, which is in like three days. By then I am supposed to have almost all of my loan stuff in place. Quess who hasn't even started....ME! So I have that to worry about too.

4. I have to finish getting my duplex all ready to move into. Which means finishing painting, getting the carpets cleaned, getting and putting up new blinds...then finding out where all his parents furniture is going to go. Remember that this all has to be done before the wedding because I am starting school right after.

5. I am still working two jobs, so in the craziness of planning a wedding, school, and getting a home ready, I also have to worry about working my shifts.

So think if how i feel. I am loosing my brain. And the sad thing is, is I know how mean I have been lately and I know that I have been really mean to my honey lately. So I am really excited to have all this behind us so we can just love eachother.

SO there is my crazy life....Remember that I only have two weeks to get all of this done.

Oh and by the way, we still dont have a honeymoon planned....HAHHAHAHAHAHAH

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I miss my man

So my kitten kya had kittens today and was in labor most of the morning, so i didnt get a chance to see my fiance. I miss him so much its insane. but my little kya's are so dang cute. She had three babies and all are healthy and cute. I am already getting so attached its ridiculous. Ecspecially to the little runt of the family. I have already talked to Quinn about keeping him and making him a little addition to our family. Which already consists of me quinn and Orek ( our handsome little cat). Anyways the whole point of this post was to tell everyone how much I miss my future husband. GAH
By the way I will post new pictures and videos of the new babies soon

Wow...I did not see that coming

So as many of you know Kris Allen won American Idol tonight. Which I am actually really excited about. Because now adam will be able to go do his own thing with a band and what not and Kris can can on being his poppy self. But oh my gosh can we talk about how incredible the finale was tonight. I mean freakin kiss and queen....What is that. I have no idea how they think they will be able to top that next year.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So after tonight I have no idea who is going to win. I love both of these boys. Although, I do think Adam will win, which kind of drives me crazy because I know he will be under the Idol Contract which will make him sing all these cheesy and gay songs for a year. This bugs me because then he will end up like this....

Instead of this....

Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler


I think Kris will do better in the "Idol Genre". He is more of that poppy singer type.

I just have no idea who is going to win and its driving me CRAZY

Idol Finale Tuesday

American Idol Finale Tuesday:

Who will it be?

The Hottie Rocker

Who has been my pick since day one. I think he is an amazing performer
and would love to see him win. But I have to admit that I don't know that
I would actually buy and listen to his music. I just like to watch him dance ;)

or will it be ....

"The Loveable Cute Guy"
I didn't even know who this boy was at first.
But once I started noticing I couldn't stop. haha
He is just so darn cute and I just love his voice.
I know for sure I would buy his album.
So I honestly have no idea who is going to win
But I will say one thing...I will be disappointed
to see either of them leave.

June 6th 2009

JUNE 6TH Marks the first day of the rest my life. That is the day Quinn and I have choosen to be married for time and all eternity. I am so unbelievably excited for that day. We are getting married in the temple at eleven in the morning, having a ring ceremony at six then having our reception at seven. The ring ceremony and reception will be held at the staheli barn in washington. I hope I get to see all of my families and friends there. It would mean so much to us.

Our Life is HECTIC

So me and Quinn have been trying to get our new house all ready for us to move into for the last couple of weeks. We spent 8 hours cleaning the place the first day, then have spent numerous days painting since then. I am about ready to die. Who knew getting a home ready for a newly wed couple would take so much work. And also this is all happening while I am finishing planning our wedding, which is also taking a lot out of me. But we are almost there. Only three more weeks. Hopefully I can hold on till then

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Naughty Bridal Shower

I had the first of my two bridal showers a couple weeks ago and it was so much fun. The girls at Staples Dental Care threw it for me. This was my "Naughty Bridal Shower". Holly was in charge and she was perfect for the job. She had little jello shots (alcohol free) there for everyone. Once evryone was seated she explained that her beliefs are a little different than mine and that at her bridal shower her and her friends all took jello shots after making a toast in her name. So we all drank our virgin jello shots after the toast. It made me feel really special. After that she had everyone that came read me a little bit of marriage advice. I got the hint that I am a little high strung when I got three different advice cards that said the same thing...."Dont sweat the small stuff". Dang, they all know me so well. The best advice I got was different than the rest, everyone had been telling me to never go to bed angry and what not. This girl told me that you should definitely go to bed angry every once in awhile because the make up sex is worth the fight. I thought that was hilarious. I love ya girls and I had a BLAST!

The Proposal

It was New Year's Eve and I did not even see it coming. We were at his brother's and sister in law's house for an ugly sweater party. The whole night was spent eating and playing games. The enitre night Quinn was totally fine and acting normal. The right before midnight he started seeming really nervous and kept going outside with his friend Levi. I couldn't figure out what was going on... I was oblivious. So midnight rolled around and we did our cliche kiss and it was over. NOTHING! I had started thinking maybe he was going to propose but once that moment was over I thought there was no way he would do it now. But right after the kiss he started getting even more weird. Sweating and stuttering. Finally I asked if he was ok and he said he had to go to the bathroom. So I just assume he was sick. He had been in there for a long time and I had started getting really nervous, when finally he walked out of the bathroom. He had on a new sweater, but I couldn't see the front. The first thought that came to my mind was..." Did he really change his ugly sweater...was that nessecary". But then he turned around and my heart stopped. He was wearing a sweater that had "Will you marry me" written across it. Written in beautiful glitter paint haha. He also had roses and a little gray box in his hand. He came over to me and I went blank. Everything went so loud and quiet at the same time. I could tell he was talking, and I knew that he was proposing because he was down on one knee, but I could not hear anything. I was in my own world. We all of a sudden I snapped out of it and realized he and everyone in the room was staring at me and I knew that it was my cue. "YES!" was all I could say. Everyone started clapping and from that moment on we were engaged. And yes I had to ask him to repeat his proposal later that night.

Our First Date

So after a couple of days of talking Quinn got the courage to ask me out on a real date. He told me that some of his "couple" friends were going to St. George to go caving. Me, Quinn, Taylor, and Val drove down to meet up with his friends Levi, Audri, Brian and Liz. We all met up at the caves and started hiking down. I started to get to know some of his friends and they all seemed like people I could really get along with...(thank goodness). So when we finally reached the right cave Quinn turned on his flash light. It was amazing, I had never seen a cave this big. We started taking off all our colored clothing so all we had left on was our black clothes. Then Quinn handed me a glow stick, broke it open, and told me to start swinging it around. I didn't realize that everyone else would be doing this at the same time, and I also didn't get the memo that I was supposed to close me eyes. So yes, I was the retard that got glow stick acid all up in my eyes. It was real embarrassing but real sweet because then Quinn got to "comfort me". After all the drama we started to play glow in the dark hide and seek. It was crazy how hard it was to find people. I remember at one point his friend Audri walked right past me and put her and in my foot and her face right in mine and had no idea I was there. It was incredible. So after a couple rounds we all decided we were hungary. So we started heading out to Quinn's for dinner. This was a huge landmark in our relationship because this was the first night that we met eachother's families. It was a big step but I think it went pretty well. I mean, niether one of our parents hated either us...So I was pretty stoked. The other big landmark was that I got to witness Quinn's awesome BBQing Skills. I was super impressed. After we ate dinner we went to the hot tub and I got to know his friends a little better. And to top off an amazing night, we listened to and sang along with the Moulin Rouge soundtrack all the way back to Cedar. It was EPIC.