Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Babies

These are the new little additions to our family. I just love them so much.
So when they were born we painted on their little feet to be able to tell them apart. As they have gotten older it has been fun to watch their personalities grow.
Baby Pink: The first born male. He is the strongest of the bunch. Very brave but loves his mommy. His eyes are already opening
Baby Orange: The second born male. He was really noisy like his daddy when he was first born, but he has gotten a little more quite. This little guy just likes to eat...ALOT. He always sleeps on his back and loves to be pet and held.
Baby Yellow: The last born female. This little girl is super mellow and very much a momma's girl . Though she is super sweet, she is very adventurous...she loves to leave her mommys side for awhile to venture the box. Then she gets scared.
I am already getting so attached to these little babies and its going to be so hard to give them away


  1. Oh my word... I want one!!! They are adorable.

  2. I'm so glad i found your blog!! Your wedding is coming up...EXCITING!